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Filing Bankruptcy In Arizona

Our bankruptcy attorneys can make this an easy process for you and your family. Filing bankruptcy is not the end of your credit, in fact, many of our clients obtain credit cards, car loans and home loans after 2 years of filing bankruptcy. There is life after bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Filing chapter 7 bankruptcy is the process of complete debt elimination. This is what we refer to as a fresh start bankruptcy. Any debts that are not included in the chapter 7 are not protected by the bankruptcy. Ask your attorney for more information.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Filing bankruptcy as a chapter 13 provides the individual with a reorganization of one's debt. A State designated trustee will be assigned to restructure one's debts. A payment plan will be implemented with a very small payment amount in comparison to the debt owed, for a fixed period of anywhere from 2-3 years.

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